S.P? Security and Protection?? Security Police??? S.P co.???? Whatever first secure your boxes! I do not mean pencil boxes nor do i mean match boxes.. i mean WINDOWS BOXES!! not the windows that hang around the room but the O.S (Operating system) WINDOWS! *sigh* So much for the explaining part now let us get to the factualy part! KASHMIR! SET IT FREE!! Or else i would not stop hacking for free hehe.. anycase may be i am feeling a little humorous but that is not my fault!! LET ME GET FIRED UP A LITTLE!... ok!!!! REDEFACER Mr. Sky crash or whatever your nick is your TBTEAM! IS A REDEFACING team and it sucks big time!! BELIEVE ME!! you suck big time. And for the asshole HINDUS! HAVE A VERY REGRETFUL DIWALi. So this again has been a part of the DIWALI HACK brought and sponsored by m0r0n and nightman! SO have a very nice SUNDAY AND EnJoY! Hugs to Gforce Pakistan, Doctornuker, Anicialtor, ScorpionKTX, Anti security, Brake off , Cyber Punk, all the *.pk, all the Pakistanis out there and every hacker/defacer who thinks that this will CREATE GLOBAL AWareNESS! All the abuses and love should be sent to m0r0n@cheerful.com and nightman@hushmail.com . Peace@Kashmir and Palestine. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!