Nexus Information Services Co. Pvt. Ltd.(NISC SAARC) of India hacked? Of course! By m0r0n and nightman. But because this site if for public interests so there will not be any abuses.. just plain facts! SET KASHMIR FREE! We targeted this site because we thought that it would be visited more because of it being affiliated with . Anycase back to the DIWALI PART hehe.. m0r0n and nightman wish all the indians a very repugnent and UNhappy diwali. And for the redefacing team RBTeams Sky CRASH FUCK OFF!! s.o.b. well i am sorry i did mention before that i will not swear but i could not help it! I guess abusing dogs and bitches really does not make any difference, or does it? Other abuses to ZEENEWS!, INDIAN CORRUPT POLITICIANS, ISRAEL!!, AND THE UN FOR NOT TAKING THE KASHMIR PROBELM SERIOUSLY!!! The second reason for targeting this site is because of it being a part of SAARC! (South Asian Association for regional Cooperation) so we thought that because of this INDIAN site being hacked SAARC all over the world..meaning the south Asian world would come to know about this hack and it might just creat a little more awareness about KASHMIR! Now for the shouts..gforce pakistan, scorpionktx, anicilator,doctornuker, m0s, prime suspects, rsh, hackweiser, anti security, brake off , Cyberpunk, and n1or..or something like that who hacked nice stuff dude! YOU ROCK!! In the end we salute our ARMY AND THE MUJAHIDINS! ANd we give thanks to ATTRITION,ALLDAS AND HAXORDOT??? ..haxordot i last saw that you updated about 24 hours ago???? neither do you update your site nor do you email like attrition does?? Anycase you still rock! Every Mirroring site rocks! and the best are ATTRITION AND ALLDAS!!! they really rock da world!! anycase... visit just like that ... heheh.. SO LONG! TAKE CARE!! AND PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emails.. and send all the queries here.. ok? oh and yeah PAKISTAN ZINDABAD AGAIN!!!!