Hacked by [Dor] and MaCe

Wow, this site belongs to a highly skilled professional security admin...
who still got hacked by the script kiddies he hates so much..
this shit about getting isp accounts closed... quoted from the original site:
"Please keep in mind that every move you make on this web site is fully logged
and reviewed daily. Many a script-kiddie has had their ISP account terminated
due to me."
Well, i dont like such cocky attitudes....
seems to me your just a stuck up piece of shit with no real clue how to do your job..
ohh.. and your a sad fucker if you read logs every day
well.. you can have a day off, coz ur logs have been deleted.
And, I didn`t backup your index page. I deleted that too

* I hope the following person will ambushed by villains with chainsaws:
Gerrie Mansur

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Danny-Boy, torner, snake, sensei, Blitz, console, MissYanna, RaceNuT, drgenius
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scrippie, #phreak.nl, Cvele, DR_SNK, APACHE, MarkLand, z3r0, mojo69
And ofcourse feunnie most of all ;)
and to anyone i forgot... dont hold it against me, was in a hurry!

PS: Fri Jan 15 16:10:47 EST 1999 is the date on the exploit used to hack this server :P