Blue Star Info Tech ltd. hacked?? An Indian IT site defaced?? YES INDEED!! BY m0r0n and nightman. Well this also is a part of the DIWALI HACK! As far as the reason is concerned... i have already talked about the first one which is DIWALI!! and before i forget HAVE A VERY DISPICABLE AND UNhappy DIWALI!! NOw comes the other reason for this defacement and that surely is KASHMIR!! STOP THE BLOODY VIOLENCE IN KASHMIR! INDIAN IT?? as Gforce is showing is no doubt a trivial joke!! Even then their MEDIA HYPE! (ZEEnews the twits and bastards) make sure that they exaggerate things and force people around the world to think that INDIANS ARE cool at their IT WORK!! And what to say of the support that they get from other countries!! Anycase i just wanted to create awareness in the minds of the people that indian fags are nothing but faggots! PLEASE DO NOT THINK THAT I AM IN ANYWAY AGAINST THE INDIANS!! NO!!! It is just that there way of playing things unethicially and making sure that PAKISTAN STAYS DOWN!! is what i am against to. So taking a leave from this KASHMIR AND DIWALI HACK! i give my salutes to the MUjahidins, GEneral Parveiz Musharaf, all the *.pk, all the paki institutions and every PAKISTANI AND EVERYONE!! WHO thinks that Pakistan rocks! Hand shakes to Gforce Pakistan, Scorpionktx, x-s4nder, Anicialtor, rsh, hackweiser, brakeoff,cyberpunk, Anti security and all the other groups and defacers out there..If you have any questions go ahead and email and to get quick replies. I Take a leave now, take care and do not forget to enjoy the weekend!