Lumley Technology of India hacked?? Hehe.. Indeed! By m0r0n and nightman and we just wanted to say PAKISTAN ZINDABAD AND QUIT THE VIOLENCE IN KASHMIR!!! This also has been a DIWALI HACK hehe.. so please have a VERY aweFUL and VERY UNhappy Diwali! By the way the previous hacked site www.library.iisc.ernet.inwell we did not know that it was previously defaced by cespi and we came to knwabout it when attrition emailed so please do not think that we redefaced...Anycase whats up goes to Gforce, ScorpionKTX, Anicilator, DoctorNuker, Rsnake (Nice blue screen hehe), Anti security, all the defacer and of course all the PAKistanis out there... enjoy the weekend and if you have any queries email and nightman@hushmail to get quick answers. In the end special thanks to, and for their mirros.PEACE!