This site was defaced by Scurvy of Root Shell Hacker.

I'd like to thank the administrators of this website for making this all possible. Keep up the good work admin. I patched the hole that I used to come in, it doesn't mean there's not another one... :^) Just to keep you guessing.

Greets: Datagram, pimpshiz, doom, initd_, rootproc, nemesystm, wicked, lokal, Kreator, sinfony, modify, Akurei, all of RSH, Apoc, puck, piffy, GForce, bi0cide, gat0r, z, biosdisk, rootx11, nutsax, dobe, matic, hooyah, NetRebel, psaux, Traze, SteeLe, trace, Brake^0ff, CyberPunk, snape, kn0wledge, and whoever else I forgot.

E-mail me if you