This defacement is brought to you by Ed Hunter, member of the DreamWorksGroup-

Shoutz to in the group, CmC, devilz[a], The-Egg, Xenogen, Selector, sid1024, ScitzoFronic, Critic2001, 32x, Hoodlum,

100% respect to the following uber leet h4x0rs - Jew Crew, Pimpshiz, Da-Eternal, Hackweiser, Gforce Pakistan, acidk|own, Crime Boys,pr|est.

Shoutz and greetz to the posse in #Hackers_ireland on DALnet, Cliph, frawg, bedlam, drane, dogs,mordeth, phax, vinks, ecksor,norg, firetrack,spod and anyone else i forgot about.

A big fuck you to w0|v3r|n3,TheInsanity and Hitler Crew of course.

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Global Hell Hacker Sentenced to 26 Months Imprisonment (September 6, 2000)