- Kaarinan Kaupunki Owned -

I love technology, i love hacking, hacking is a sport. Like all sports, practise is
the keyword. If you want to be a good hacker, then go practise, go test your
     servers, after you've mastered the basic skills of system hacking and web hacking
then go out and penetrate some worthy servers, and warn them for having bad
security. But do NOT DAMAGE them, that's not our cause. Our cause is to be
aware of our human morals and ethics. Without them, we'll lose control of
ourselves, and it will only hurt yourself and the people around you. Be pro-active.

I've coded a simple demonstration script for the IIS UNICODE vulnerability,
probably lame and something to be laughed at by security-professionals, but
it was created be the evil boredom, check it out if you want, and don't flame me.

(the zipped package of Unicode.pl)

MaD ShOuTs To :
Tribunal, Herbless, Fux0r, nexus, Psaux, Acid Blades, G-Force Pakistan, gov-boi,
Ne[r0, TheGrimPhreaker, InSaNiTy zInE corp., electr0n, pr|est, dislexik, drumcode,
mor_PH_eus, x-s4nd3r, F0kus, Zvyr, u4ia, {}, nohican, DarkSky, Dutch Hackers,
KeyDet89, ScorpionKTX, zenomorph, doom, cr0w, pimpshiz, in0, RSH, Hackweiser,
Mystik, Wicked, SteeLe, Necrose, phel0n, ytcracker, Jericho and everyone else..

To suid crew:
hehe you guys still haven't figured out how to type my alias, right ?
hehe, it's 'Neon-Lenz', not 'NeoLenz', one of you has sent me an
e-mail with Hi NeoLenz, may i join your crew ? Retards.

To Hitler Crew:
Haha, you guys can't even sing, i think there will be some Jew Crew
hacks soon. Till that time, take care of yourself and each other......

That was it, signing off budZ...

:: Neon-Lenz ::