- Neon-Lenz 0wns :  -

To everybody who have e-mailed me about that the Jew Crew sucks.., 3 words: fuck you bishes.
First of all, I am not WHITE, and even if i am, i wouldn't even support Hitler nor his retarded crew.
So please stop e-mailing telling me to support him and to stop typing shits about him. Yes i have read
his book, and i still DON'T think he's a genius or whatever. He is just some 0rganiZed-Psych0-K1ll3r, PERIOD.

Oh another thing, i want to start a crew or either join one, so if anyone is interested in this, then
e-mail me at neonlenz@hushmail.com. (Admin, you don't have to e-mail shit on how to fix your
webserver, cause i will e-mail you). Other FanMaiLZ and flames should be send to that address too.

SoMe MaD ShOuTz t0 : Tribunal, Herbless, Fux0r, nexus, Psaux,
Acid Blades, G-Force Pakistan, gov-boi, Ne[r0, TheGrimPhreaker,
InSaNiTy zInE corp., electr0n, pr|est, dislexik, drumcode,
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doom, cr0w, pimpshiz, in0, RSH, Hackweiser, Mystik, Wicked,
SteeLe, Necrose, phel0n, ytcracker and everyone else
who thinks i'm a neat l33t0 guy 8p~~~~~~

Suid Crew: Learn how to type my alias first, "NeoLenz" hehe suckah's.

Hitler Crew: Hehe assholes, don't bother. I won't join your shitty crew.