Hacked By ScorpionKTX
Anti Security Hackers

Hey, admin, nothing was damaged. You should protect this site better. If you want my e-mail to talk about security, it is: scorpionktx@inferno.com


Iron Maiden rulez...


ILve hacked if for the girl who cares about me! Thanx! YouLre so nice!

For my cutie friend ABELHA!!
Kisses 4 ya!!


Thanx to: VUGO, mor_PH_eus, Thazinha**, Neon-Lenz, meg, «« СW¡TT³ »», m0r0n, NightMan, FunnyGirl, Snow White, Mandrake, x-s4nd3r, Flávia, attrition, Doug, girls, Pokémon, Pikachu, Evangelion, South Park, Oh! My Goddess!, Saber Marionettes J, Gunsmith Cats, Children of the Damned, Warlock, White Snake, Beavis & Butt-Head, Securenet, hackernews, the child playing chess with tomorrow...

Fuckz to: Hitler, FHC, Marx, Marlboro, Dallas, Free, Carlton and all the cigarretes.... and the alcoholic beverages too!