This site was owned by Scurvy of Root Shell Hackers.

The reason behind this defacement is because I want to preach about driving. If the speed limit is 55 mph, then go at LEAST 55 fucking miles an hour!! How fucking hard is that shit??

If you're pulling out of a parking lot/drive way/side street and there is one car coming, and nothing behind it, do NOT fucking pull out in front of it like you're in a hurry and only go half the fucking speed limit!!

If you're making a left turn onto a side road, and traffic is coming, get as close to the divide line as possible so people in a fucking hurry can get around you without driving into a ditch you dumb fuck!

Do not EVER fucking pull out in front of my ass, I'll fucking shoot you.

If you can't see past the length of your arm while wearing glasses, you have no reason to be behind the wheel of a car/truck/van/etc..

If you're older than 50, you don't need to be behind the wheel of a car.

If you can't spell/read the word STOP, you need to be shot and killed, and eaten by rabid dogs and cats.

If your car is older than you, you have no reason to be driving

If you're not a good lucking, blonde chick with big tits that wants to fuck my brains out, you don't have any reason to wave at me.

If it hurts to stick up your middle finger, you don't need to be fucking driving.

That's pretty much all I have to say. Thanks for listening.

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