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The reason behind this defacement is because there's this cool song by Acid Bath.

Scream Of The Butterfly

A creature made of sunshine
her eyes were like the sky
rabbit howls like something old
as we twitch to her lullaby
the scalpel shines in gods sunshine street lights whisper pain
down here ner the position stream our god has gone insane
she smiles like a child
with flowers in her hair
with blood on her hands
into the sun she stares
she feels it die,
I heard her cry
like the scream of the butterfly
sunshine a house in flames
she likes it where she gets it
but it's never felt the same
surgery in the house of dissection
when your candle burns out I will resurrect you
she runs through fields of daisies
yeah it's just a shame that they eat their own babies
who cares cause the air is free when
you get there will you kiss the dead for me?
There's blood on the moon
and the summer is cold
there's love in the room
but that's getting old
there's blood on my face
sittin' on a dead shore
a highway of emptiness and I'm gettin bored
there's blood on the moon
as we plan our escape
the goddess in blood
handcuffed and raped
there's blood in the bathtub
murder the king
there's blood on the moon
there's blood on just about everything
something cold is forced inside her
a tear spills down her cheek
stillborn songs of a dead dreamer,
hymns of the needle freak
with sunlight in her hair
she smiles like she don't care
her dreams are liquid blue
I cut myself again and again to remind myself of you.

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