w00t !! Guess who is in your .mil box ?

Neon-Lenz 0wns J00 !

Watch out government websites, secure yourselves, cause i might be in your system right now...

China and Taiwan
Government of Taiwan, why don't you just give your country back to China ? Taiwan was from China. I understand that Taiwan has independantly achieved a good and stable economy. But look at Hong Kong and Macau, everything is going pretty good, so why are you declining China ? If you keep acting like this, then China probably will attack your country and more people will be victims while they are totally innocent! You can't protect Taiwan against a big country like China (And no, Clinton and the UN can't and will NOT help you, Clinton is probably playing with girls and cigars and the UN doesn't have the power either to fight against China, and probably the currently weak and unstable Russia will be helping China too). I'm sure you don't want that to happen, cause you don't know how advanced the current military technology of China is....

Admin, i haven't deleted anything except for the logs. I've renamed your .htm to .mil, just rename it back. If you need help with the vulnerability or with fixing the server, then you can e-mail me at neonlenz@hushmail.com

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