Hacked By ScorpionKTX
Anti Security Team


Hey, look, ILm hacking! =D

Hum..... no, itLs not a hacker attack. ItLs 2 easy. Well, nothing damaged, Admin. DonLt worry. But.. you should protect this site better. If you want, contact me at scorpionktx@inferno.com




Climb down my pile
And again to the beat of my heart    
You're so exciting
Take all the soul
I will much as you want
Close to the Control my feelings
Higher, much higher
Unbounded fire
Closer, much closer
coremy eyes
We burn, we burn
I contaminate you
I like to pollute you with my
Look in my eyes
And we melt into
one yearning mind
We dimb the stages
Higher, much higher
Set me on fire
Closer, come closer
Close to the core
We burn, we burn
Insanity, insanity
Never set me free



Greetz to: Heavy Metal, girls, Neon-Lenz, Anti Security, VUGO, Locomotion, Pokémon, Barbie, SEGA, Sony, Compaq, IBM, Mamma, Cartoon Network, Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears, God, Reebok, the guy who create the sk8, the girl I fucked yesterday (I donLt remember her name)....

Fuckz to: Hitler, Mc DonaldLs, Chevrolet, Coca-cola, cigarettes....