Scurvy Was Here!

This site was owned by Scurvy.

The reason behind this defacement is because I have something to say. It's about webadministrators. They're fucking idiots. I mean, why the hell would you run something on your box that's vulnerable to attacks? Secure your shit, that's what you get paid for. Why the fuck should someone pay the sorry bastard that administrates this box? I got in. A fucking monkey could've gotten into this box. Fuck. Learn how to admin, before you become an admin. I can't stand people that can't do their jobs. If you can't do it, don't try. You need to find another job, Mr./Ms. Admin of this box. Damn, you people are really slack. Are you thinking 'I didn't think it'd happen to us' ? That's bullshit. You should know your job a little better.

Happy Birthday fuqrag

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