OMFG seems someone ./owned you - supergate, LucisFero and direct_y (twlc/7thsphere)

this deface is dedicated to w3stside and all the scriptkiddies that can own theses lamers

!hey nvr ...we left ur password so u can change it back easy, thats just a warning for assassins members!

listen carefully idiots: dont try to call 7thsphere 7thqueer another time and keep urself AWAY FROM w3stside and Snerge cus they are twlc @##!&%$! OTHERWISE WE WILL DEFACE UR LAME WEBSITE AGAIN. end of discussion. i usually dont deface site...its not my style (im like join, patch, .txt and exit) but this is a favour to a friend and a way to protect 7thsphere from who disrespect it. FEAR ME BITCHES IM THE ELEET ONE *rotfl*. btw i made the "greets" and "fuck off", cus i wont deface a web site again as i just said its not my style.


nvr: tell "loser" one more time, hacker.


i'm in the vagina business.


greets go to:
laila- (yeah im supposed to thank you if i want to have sex with someone *lol*)
Snerge (love you man ehe)
jinx- (forza napoli:DDD)
dr_trembl (i dont know why u hate me...cus i didnt make the deface of 7th, dy and lf made it... but ill consider u my friend for ever)
soulFate (woah @#!)
Cyber_Bob (own me with ath0 one more time bitch ehe)
zmasterz (u are a kick ass scripter)
njx (ehe proud to have u in twlc. anche se abiti in sardegna e dalla finestra vedi la corsica *fearrrrr*)
|slacker| (mary**** tvb*)
drkmatter (dont molest koalas anymore bitch ehe)
Acetate (yek i love catlin (his win eggdrop) let me marry her)
nakata (my soccer ./skill owns ur)
apuffy (small and candy)
suki (yuuuuk)
produkt (gnuk! @#!)
overkill (i will buy u a better modem one day ehe)
codesearc (i love the way u ban ppl)
VIRILATOR (good guy)
VALDECK (you too)
RedPepper (u are an eggdrop guru i wanted everyone know it)
w3stside (this deface is dedicated to you man)
T03Tag (still dont understand ur nick ehe)
soulblade (waiting for my koala goddamn ehe)
mr-x (eeeeek un anno a scannarci e poi me lo ritrovo come compagno di banco *fearrrrrr*)
nvr (u are cool but for the story u act like a bitch and everyone say it)
cucciola (tvtttttb**)
precursor (you own)
trustno1 (you too)
darkstarz (and you too)
twlc (owns)
7thsphere (u guys own and im proud to be a 7th)
#twlc, #7thsphere and #outlaw on undernet

a special thanks to:
all the koalas on the earth (LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH)
all the ppl that i forgot (SORRY ITS NOT MY FAULT IM ILL:\)

fuck off to:
the imperials - guilecool o come diavolo ti chiami non venire a lamentarti di essere finito di nuovo tra i fuck off ti voglio dire una cosa carina: fate gli stronzi, agite da lamer perņ ... non pacchettate e questo vi fa onore - sono serio -
orda - FALLITIIIII piantatela di pakkettare č da perdentiiiii
darklords - ho saputo che esistete ancora ... non sarebbe ora di scomparire di nuovo?


un consiglio state a vedere meno quello che fa twlc e iniziate a fare qualcosa voi. se venite in pace e tranquilli vi possiamo anche appoggiare.


(00:50:04)(laila-) come mai non li fate in inglese i fuck off?
(00:50:23)(sgxx-xxxx) cosi li capiscono
(00:50:25)(sgxx-xxxx) HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH

owned by twlc.