Gujarat Space Station India

Hacked by GForce, bringing the true face of Indian Government and Media!

Cyberattack #10 on Indian Websites.

This defacement is brought to you by GForce Pakistan, to poke fun on the stupid cunts in the Indian government, NOT indians, and bring a true face of Indian governent's real face to the world, and to show how India's fake anti Kashmir and anti Pakistani propaganda affects their people

Where ever we have mentioned 'Indian', we take the phrase as Indian media and goirnment not Indians.

Zeenews what are you doing? You retarded piece of fucking garbage! Zee news is the biggest lying media I`ve seen, it has established as a anti pakistani media

Any thing evil that happens in India is blamed on Pakistani intellegence ISI, how pathetic!

Vajpayee got a stomach ake "oh it's the ISI, they did it, yes they did it!"

You pathetice CUNTS!$#

A must READ list of FACT about INDIA MEDIA

1) Zeenews channel in colabaration with "Insight Story" Presents a program, a head of a five star hotel, Sheraton International and a Ney york Joulanist named two top guys of ISI interllengence, and shown as dealing in a Plane hijacking cospiracy while they were just attending a confrence at Sheraton, where Mr,Bill clition was prensents.

2) They get their own people to wear mask and give a interview on the television changing their accent "We are terrorist, we came from Pakistan, ISI backs US"

3) Indian Statistical Institute was hacked by GForce Pakistan, here is the mirror provided by courtesy of Attrition (security site mirroring), INDIAN media blamed the hack on our SECURITY agency ISI, guys you either are VERY dumb or you are too pathetic to write who really hacked. Our ISI doesn't have any thing better to do then hack your fucking websites?

Here is a List of News sites this hit, be a judge youself!

Yahoo News

Indian Times

Times of India #1

Times of India #2

Times of India #3

Vajpayee the indian primeminister YOU suck Pakistan's collective balls, you fucking suck.


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