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Cyber Attack # 9
on indian IT website(s)
GForce Pakistan

Institute of Information Technology (Madras) India

Yes "you are under a Cyber Attack"

This defacement is brought to you by GForce Pakistan, to poke fun on the stupid cunts in the Indian government, NOT indians, and bring a true face of Indian governent's real face to the world, and to show how India's fake anti Kashmir and anti Pakistani propaganda affects their people.


Will this issue ever end? UN you know what is happening, stop the cold shoulder on Kashmir and work on the ISSUE. 

It is high time to sort this issue out for the following reasons:

Over 70,000 Kashmiri's have been killed since 1990.

Over 1,000 Indian army people have been killed since 1990. 

Its time India lived up to its promises. 

Events of attrocities!

CHIRKOT KUPWARAN - 1.4.1994, the forces during search operations in the area fired and killed two unarmed civilian namely Ab.Aziz War and Bashir Ahmad Sheikh both residents of distt, Kupwara. 

ISLAMABAD - 2.4.94, the forces during crack-down operations killed two persons namely Gh. Hassan Wani R/O Kelam Kulgam and Fayaz Ahmad both residents of Distt. Islamabad. MAGARPORA 

ISLAMABAD - 5.4.94 , the forces during crack-down operations fired and killed three persons namely Nazir Ahmad Bhat, Manzoor Ahmad Shah and Mohammad Amin all residents of Distt.Islamabad.

DARIPORA HANDWARA - 6.4.94, the forces during search operations fired and killed two persons namely Gh.Mohammad Bhat S/O Mohammad Subhan R/O Dehripora and Wali Mohammad Tantaray S/O Gh Mohi-ul-Din R/ODehripora Handwara. 

IS This What you Call Human Rights?

indians what are you trying to prove by being such idiots? (indian gov that is) killing innocent people, raping women, and then claiming to be a soft state? Vajpayee you are a fucking moron so is atul behari and all those fuckheads in the Indian government and Congress? what are you doing by promoting hate amoungst thenpeople of india and Pakistan? and then on the other hand blaming Pakistan for the massacres? Indian government you suck our collective balls you dumb fucks, (sorry for the rude explicit language, but people get what they deserve) we have nothing against Indians just the Government and the Opposition, in short we hate politicians playing politcs on innocent lives.

Sept 5: Eight Mujahideen were among 10 killed in occupied Kashmir on Tuesday. Four freedom fighters were shot dead by Indian guards near the holy town of Chrar-i-Sharif, a Border Security Force official claimed. He added that earlier a BSF guard was killed and five others injured in a grenade attack in Srinagar. The firefight erupted at Tilsar, on the outskirts of Chrar-i- Sharif, after the BSF guards ringed the area to trap Mujahideen. "During the two-hour encounter, one militant (Mujahid) was killed, while three others managed to escape. However, we chased them and engaged them in a gunbattle at a neighbouring village and eliminated all three," Singh said. Singh added that two of the four Mujahideen had been identified and belonged to the Hizbul Mujahideen. It was the first major encounter between the Hizb fighters and the Indian forces since the Hizb called off its ceasefire on Aug 8. Four more freedom fighters were killed in three encounters in the Baramulla, Budgam and Poonch districts since Monday evening, police said.-AFP Two injured in Indian firing SIALKOT, Sept 5: Two villagers were critically injured in Indian firing in Charwa sector near Sialkot working boundary on Tuesday evening. Official sources told Dawn that a retired armyman Mohammad Haneef (40) son of Mohammad Shafi and Rehmat Ali (35) son of Shahdin, were sitting in their homes, when the Indian bullets hit them, injuring them severely. According to the latest reports, the Indian security forces continued firing on Pakistani villages on Tuesday. 



Zee News, Propaganada against Pakistan? WIll this take us anywhere?

Indians, I`m sorry but you cannot change, A week back zeenews presented a program on television called "the Inside Story"
They showed 2 guys in Kargil scence and named them Major Tariq and Brig Mohammad in the eposide and claimed that they were ISI, Pakistani Intelligence agents. Next day it was found that The person they claimed to be major tariq was a new york journalist and the other guy Brig Mohammad was a Shereton Head waiter.

Now what do you think you are doing by impersonating officials, making fake comments, oh lalo prad and atul baja you guys are two dumb mother fuckers, I hate your fucking cocky faces, I`m fedup of the ZEE NEWS Anti Pakistn propaganda and promoting hate amoung our Muslim brothers In INDIA

Zee News, Propaganada against Pakistan? WIll this take us anywhere? PART2 
Recently there was a program of Insigh News, it showed a exclusive terorist interview, well who could that TERRORIST be?
Pakistan! (wow i pitty their knowledge, when they have no one to blame or have it on them they blame akistan)

They had a boy say, he was involved in the killings of the SICKS in Kashmir, and that Pakistani's attacked the SICKS wearing Indian uniform. That's the pathetic bullshit you can ever hear from the IDIOTS.

ATUL i saw your fucking interview, let me tell you COCKSUCKER, Enough of your BULLSHIT, leaders like you create unrest and programs like "The Inside Sotry" and news channels like ZEE NEWS create all this BULLSHIT,


Oh and you fucking morons, mentioned that as hacked by Pakistani ISI? You idiot's can't you read?
That page Was not hacked by Pakistani Interllegence, it was hacked by GForce Pakistan, do you think our security agencies don't have anything better to do? or you guys don't have eyes?

Vajpayee the indian primeminister YOU suck Pakistan's collective balls, you fucking suck, look at you!

Vajpayee YOU are a fucking FAG

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