Hi, this was rooted/defaced by stealth-fone of Telconinjas.
Irix is bad for you slim. ;[

First off: Happy Birthday RahRah! Love fone, and not so love stealthie (I don't know you well enough yet :[ you might beat me with frying pans or something so I'll decide later). Hope you like had a good day and stuff.

I guess I am in france now? wee wee. All the ladies with the low fros on the no no can email me at metaxalone@crackdealer.com, mr agent guy I never rock the mic with the panty hose so don't try pulling my IP off that account.

Water down barqs root beer is really nasty, maybe I will do another deface to protest that.

This website is dedicated to my grandmother who smoked for 2 weeks, got testicular cancer and died!!! This makes me very sad lar. We should all protest cigarettes. Go shoot people who are smoking and everyone goto www.thetruth.com!!!! It's the truth!!! Cigarettes kill rats and stuff, personally I think voice boxes are cool. You've never been an efnet toner until you can tone with your voice box.

Actually this was all dedicated to the fags at www.cigarette.com (well this paragraph was atleast). How gay can you be. She probably killed herself for you people nagging at her dipshits.

Ignore that messed up tag, I can't go back up to fix it, damn echo command. I want Mr. Belveder back on air, you know, sometimes I miss that show alot. GI Joe too man, that show rocked. Don't know anbout Gem though :[.

I want to be interviewed by CNN too!@# They refused to do it, even hung up on us. :[ Guess telconinjas aren't l33t enough. Go figure hehe.

Shouts goto: Fone, RahRah, Optx, Pogopope, Blackout, Ka0x, numeral, my parents for having sex in my grandmother's closet that one time when I was conceived. My cat for keeping my tummy warm. Women that eat their kids. Diemos, digital phreak, the list goes on. whatever

anyhow my arm like hurts ALOT, and my cat is scratching me now. A nice long defacement is fun, get out all my pent up emotions.

Let me see whats on TV real quick, *grabs remote* sluts on showtime rock out!@##@#@0 I really like g-string divas, but I swear to god if that fat redhead bitch is on there next time I will be soooo pissed. Oh wow she is like talking in german.

The Pepsi Challenge, brought to you in part by a grant from TN, and ninjas like you. ;P

[fone] There's alot of bikers in South Dakota!@#

Wobble wobble telconinjas gotchya.

whats the matter Mr. Admin, cat got your choad?!