Hi, this was rooted/defaced by stealth-fone of Telconinjas.
Hi, this was rooted/defaced by stealth-fone of Telconinjas.
Irix is bad for you slim. ;[

I'd like to take this time to address a very important issue. Free jesus, I mean what did he ever do to you guys? But oh no, you had to be bitches and hang him up on that cross didn't you? I love jesus, I mean he loves me and shit. We're all down with each other, I remember this one time we were mackin on some hoes up in this casino, someone smudged his puma and he kinda got pissed and took some punks out, but thats all fetti nigga! WOULD YOU BELEIVE THAT CZY HONKIE COULD TURN WATER INTO 40OZs?!!?!? For realz wardie!

Down to the second reason I took the time out of my day to root you guys...
Telconinjas would like to give a special happy birthday greeting to RahRah!@#@# From: Fone and stealthie, happy birthday rahrah!!@#@

shouts to fone, pogopope, optx, blackout, ka0x, digital phreak, #phreaks, demios, sonics drive in restraunt, Barqs rootbeer, my cat Neko for keeping my foot warm right now.

I really want a girlfriend :[[[ if you are intrested drop me a email metaxalone@crackdealer.com, kthx! Oh yes, my penis smells like roast beef!

The Pepsi Challenge, brought to you in part by a grant from TN, and ninjas like you!

[fone] tell the kids to smoke refer and I'll be happy!

wobble wobble telconinjas got ya!@#