g0t r0ot?

Admin: there was nothing done Just the logs are gone. And your index is called old.html

I ment know harm on this defacement. I have to let off some of my steam. I had a good friend of mine killed due to a race. What I don't get is WHY! we all wonder WHY!, but there is only where and how. I don't see what makes it fun to find someone and kill them.To me and the other people that I may talk to will think the same. How sick can someone be to kill someone to be liked to a gang , group , a colt. As I right in tears over a friend that I will never see agen. As you can see I don't rage a war on the people who killed him. I don't rage of hate but rage for sorry-ness to the sick people out there. I hope that the people out ther who did this burn in hell!. I have no more to say, but A BIG F___CK!! you to HITLER CREW!




RIP: FROST! 1980-2000
Killed by being a race


Greetz: JohnA , rootproc , Scurvy , Kreator , mac , rsh crew , <3 you g0lf