mad shoutouts fly to :

my homiez on irc: xfon, sm0oth^, ruffie, jamb0, dislexik, drumcode,
flame, rebz, k-rad-bob, prae, etc etc

special shoutouts to Gina, Sawah, Mandy (wil jij mijn vriendinnetje zijn?:p)
i wanna marry yew all

bah i feel fuckt.. so thats why i wont be putting up a big defacement.. just wanted
to claim ownage of this box, and tell the admin that his security sucks penis
hence i enjoyed owning it.. admin.. ph3wl.. go secure your box against EVIL
hackers .. And that faggot called Steve Walsh, who's treatening me that he'll
gangrape my family if i keep cracking around.. fuck you steve.. at least get a
real name and not a beverly hills 90210 name.. you can lick my 1' penis..

admin... nothing got harmed.. no backdoors got installed.. copied index.html to blip, i patched the hole i used
to compromise your system with, and removed the log files.. If you still have questions
concerning this or other hacks, you can reach me at

diabolical masquerade is 0wning my gothpunkmetal ass... respect to all goths and punks that
dare to admit that other music rocks too, and arent the one way system tits.. theres more
than 1 style you lazy kunts..

mandy wil je mijn vriendinnetje zijn? :)