Scurvy Was Here!

This site was owned by Scurvy.

The reason behind this defacement is because I have something to say. I don't like tobacco products (Newports, Marlboro, Virginia Slims, etc). Why would anyone in their right mind smoke a cigarette? The first couple times you smoke cigarettes you cough your ass off, yeah, that's really cool, especially since you don't get high or anything. Why would anyone want to smoke something that kills their lungs and psychotically fakes them out into thinking that they feel calmer or more rational? If you want to smoke something, smoke some weed, at least you actually get high from that. Don't waste time/money on tobacco. Pretty soon, cigarette prices are going to go up some more. You'll be spending over $100 a week on cigarettes alone. What the fuck? If you want to be stupid and blow all that money on cigarettes, save the money and write a nice fat check out to me. Tobacco products are also the reason for my grandma's death. I know it's her fault that she smoked, but way back then, when she started, they didn't have the information and knowledge that we do now, and tobacco companies lied and said that their cigarettes were harmless. So, in this case, I believe it's their fault.
Thanks for listening to me ramble and preach.

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