Halloween Hack Attack Preperation.


Halloween...I think it's the best holiday. Pumpkin Smashing and getting candy, what else could be more fun? Well, this Halloween is going to be a remembered one. I will be releasing 5 defacements each day, starting on the 1st of the month until Halloween morning. I have a little things to say below so please read on:

Well, SaveNapster. Napster and its users are growing stronger each day. Due to the large amount of e-mails received daily I will be telling you here how you can help the Napster battle. First off, you can e-mail or snail mail the record companies that are against Napster. These addresses can be found on Napster.com. Tell them you are a Napster user and still buy CD's, mail them a scanned picture of a receipt or the actual receipt for snail mailers. Second, you can rid yourself of the artists who do not support Napster. Such as Metallica. Simply forget about downloading and buying their songs, instead download and buy the people who DO support Napster. Hopefully we wont have to stoop to such negativity, but whatever it takes will work for now.

Safety. Over the years there has been a numerous amount of deaths on Halloween. So everyone reading this, please play it safe. And stay away from those evil occults! No more fires either, Devil's Night(night before Halloween) is the worse night of the year for arson fires. I agree vandalism is sometimes fun, but come on...setting fires?

Hitler Crew. Nobody likes your little defacement prank. Hitler was a bad person and you are obviously a loser who gets picked on either at school or in your work place. You need some attention? Play a satanic game on Halloween night, maybe something bad will happen to you and you'll finally get the media that you initially went for.

Free C0mrade. Janet Reno, are you really that low to send a kid who caused no harm at all, to prison? The harm was done by NASA themselves, neglegence. They are the ones who decided to shut down the computers for over a week. That is where the harm came in. They brought it upon themselves. Hopefully the spirits of Halloween night will catch up with your right and wrongs.

Anyone with any questions, comments or hate mail can be directed to pimpshiz@hushmail.com