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yupp you were right the first time, this website's been tagged. you've just submitted your vote for yay0r in a movement of your favor. for attention brought to the non-existent standards that allowed this to happen. anyway i'm not going to rant & rave such as i usually do. about information security and how it effects you. why's that you ask? well i think i figured out i have better things to do. you see the other night i stayed up all night and tagged many-a-sites, got to the double digits, several multiples of which in fact, saw great achievement in such a time consuming act. i sent them in as many do an awoke the next morning to see nothing went trough, sure alldas got one, but they didnt have that M, so what did i do? i actually took the time to re-send them again... the confirmation page loaded, along with my head, of the logical thoughts stupidity of the thing that i did. i sat there one minute and not a second more, before stood up and immediately began to pound my head on my door. omg i thought, what the hell am i doing? alot of talk isnt really going to help all the people whom are viewing. not to mention the fact the thought that entered my head, of the fact that got mad for a moment for not seeing that red, you know those colors at attrition, i think they subliminally mess with your head. they slowly create all the lil jerkoffs who feed on that shit, one's without a reason at all, just to see a handle with hits.. no original idea, or even a personal vendetta, just them clain their elitile skills which in most cases belong to someone else only since they learned the syntax of a script try to pass them off as their own. anyway to cut this short i'm gonna cut this shit down a lil, not stop mind you, the common folk still deserve the right of judgin the skizflop i spit. so all you admins out there if it happens to you, dont even trip.. i promise not harm anything, except maybe your logs & your index.. but it may be some time because i'll be slowing down, i'm setting up a personal lab & beating on all sorts of commercial software until vulnerabilities are found. i'm going to learn new things, release code & advisories. i'm going to do all sorts of things but then there's reality too. and over in that world i also have things to do. oh well, i just hope people are still feelin my grewve, and hell if are willing even work in the crew. but the goal either way is to educate & inform, & freely release alternatives to the conglomor4t mouse trap. so until the next broadcast from everyone's favorite fux0r, the one bro that's been gun-ho since the placebo..

-oh and might i suggest to any of the conglomor4ts responsible for the current, heh, 'standards' start coding around the security of your customers instead of around your time & budget. see what you guy's may or may not know is thats where the problem in most all cases can super simply prevented just by taking things like buffer overflows & file attribs. into consideration, you also may or may not know that in what the media likes to refer to as 'the underground' or whatever, programs exist and are being created for the very specific purpose of combing through your products source code and finding these flaws. i would suggest you atleast go get yerselves one, especially if ya cant get one of dem der clever inhouse coder fella's to make ya yer own. might want to check out slint created by atstake (previously l0pht), and no i have absolutely no affiliation with them, but it is a good product and those guys are more than likely more clever than your guys.. anyway peace to the true and i'm through...


obz@bigfoot.com (yew can reach me here least till they kill it...)

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greetings and salutations to: all those feelin us, jeoh, p0ss0m, hackweiser, wyre, neon-lenz, botk, steele, orbit43, soulkeeper, herbless, godfather, sonik, dhc, b0g, nitriq, securiteam, gforce[get your dicks out of your secretaries and lend these guys a hand will ya? sheit..] & everyone else nifty...

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a big fux0r yew tew: no one this time around, except re-defacers can suck it..

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admin: nothing harmed in anyway, just bringing your attention to a flaw which allowed me to deface your website, might as well have been me, because i dont hurt anything. no grudges held, don't lose your buzz, all is well. but you how things are mang? anyway if ya think about it i'm sure you'll see this probably could have been prevented, but who knows... anyway have a nice day, and remember fux0r luvs yew...
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