Hacked By Neon-Lenz

Greets From:

Admin, nothing was damaged. I've only added this .htm, yours is backed up as .hak. For more info about the vulnerability e-mail me @ neonlenz@hushmail.com (Admin/Webmaster @gtp-jsc.ru only."how-to-hack" or "what is the vulnerability i want to re-deface it"  e-mails be will deleted without a reply).

Btw a big thank you to Fux0r, AnIcLaToR stinks. Ti quero mi casa a l'arsehole AnIcLaToR ! (translation: Re-defacing is lame)


Usually i don't give "Big Fucks" just because it is so childish, but this time it's different. I just felt like giving a big fuck to The Hitler Crew. Hitler Sucks. If you want attention try something new instead of trying to reach the media's attention by using Hitler... damn man, he sucked, so he died. I bet he is now getting beaten up in Hell by the millions of victims he had killed...

Hey Hitler Crew this is the guy you're supporting right ? Take a good look at your stupid idol...damn he's ugly....

Greets to: Acid Blades, Trib, Herbless, Fux0r and all the Dutch hackers.

Signing Off..

~ Neon-Lenz ~