Deface by:

LuThOr LooTeX

SaMuEl SkEEt

MoRgAn MoRgUe

Dear Admin... We are very EVIL!!! We hack for:
1) MONEY!!!!!!! (Send us 1 000 000 000$ to the swiss bank account we gave you)
2) FUN!!!!!! (Send us 5 buckets of FUN to the hawaian address we gave you) OR ELSE!!!!

We are very EVIL... but this time we aint had time so we couldn format your disk....
We accidently backed up you old index file which is now index_old.html....
wanna ask us something??? email us at

we send EVIL greetingz to:
the g1mps at b0g (cause of their madultrasuperk-radubereleet skillz)
all of the people at MakHack (thanx for the support guys)
pimpshiz (we suppoort you dude.. whatch your ass and try not to get raided)
Gforce Pakistan (cause they hack for a reason)

rhino9, el8, ADM and the usuals like attrition, hackernews, safemode...


Remember.... We will strike again!!!


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