function p() { window.alert("Yeah DM and the MJF hack1ng again!!"); }

zhoutz fly to:

brian Martin for his cool web site DELAY p0gO Phiber 0ptik su Majestad T3mpano EL kaoz, Kool-Aid,  Paola, yzt my friendz from guadalajara jalisco, San Diego California, Tijuana

xtra thankz to: Phreakerz DangerousMinds from -----> SAN DIEGO DELAY Nyckom Taking california

phiber 0ptik t3mpano DELAY doctor nuker YZT
i love you yerc

Here We Go again!

multiple domains were hit with the same web page defacement

thiz zite haz b33n comprom1sed by |^CyBeRpUnK^| and ^Scan_Disk^

Grettings for my childhood friends

Maxx, DoOM2 and

anything were damaged in this server
juzt old index backed up NO TENGO TRABAJO


We Love
Tamales Calientes