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we 0wn your switches
we 0wn your bitches
check you bitch's day dreaming 'bout us below

Alright we had enough of you indians already....

what the fuck that some motherfucking indian guy thinks we are by saying that "GForce Pakistan" 0wned and defaced all indian linux boxes which were vulnerable to wuftp exploit  ?

if you really fucking think that patching your fucking wuftp can secure you then you are wrong baby and why dont you try to patch it and let's see if we get in there or not you motherfucking idiot , in a few of our past defaces we have been trying to convey our message nicely and by not using abusive words but you motherfucking moron if you indians think we dont know how to talk shit then you're wrong completely wrong 

you're a fucking mother fucking gay you fucking indian wannabe hacker
check out motherfucking gay indian hackers at
everyone will know how eleet they are by seeing their color combinations on their website which they got from the lame gay

and now for you fucking moron who said that pakistani hackers are attacking on indian websites because they dont have a future in pakistan's IT industry. ??

heh you're completely wrong you fucking fagg0t , we attack on you because we are not DEAD , we are alive and we know what's going wrong and we want whole world to know the same thing , abe because we are fucking sk1lled enough , a lot lot more sk1lled than you can ever dream of , and we want to create global awareness on the kashmir issue , we're doing it for a cause , we're showing indian govermen't and indian army's ugly faces to the world , and we will not stop untill we are raided or dead or bored of 0wning you again and again and again and .....

here talk about style
we are warning you
within a month we will deface major indian IT websites
then you will know that 
we fucking 0wn you!
0h yeah we d0
this is just the beginning

the box is

Indian Statistical Institute was hacked by GForce Pakistan, here is the mirror provided by courtesy of Attrition (security site mirroring), INDIAN media blamed the hack on our SECURITY agency ISI, guys you either are VERY dumb or you are too pathetic to write who really hacked. Our ISI doesn't have any thing better to do then hack your fucking websites?

Here is a List of News sites this hit, be a judge youself!

Yahoo News

Indian Times

Times of India #1

Times of India #2

Times of India #3

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and not to forget our thanks / greetz / salutes to KASHMIRI FREEDOM FIGHTERS


what the fuck you looking for now ? story is over
you are 0wned