defaced by the dhc (nemesystm)

 I'm on a leash and so is everyone to else, it's too short to do exciting stuff, too long for most people to notice they are on a leash.

Being free in the "free world" just means the people on the leash are happy with their possibilities. They still get kept on a leash.
They say I can't complain, that I should be happy with what I have. But what do I have?
Happiness? I think not. I'm stuck, I'm bored and confused on what to do.
Dumb and ignorant? Probably, but I'm willing to learn, I can read and I can write, now I'd like interesting information.
I dislike interaction with people who are clueless about subjects that matter to me. But then again, they probably dislike me for my ignorance about the matters they believe is important.
Imagine yourself tied to a fence whilst moving around like mad. The rope hurts. It sucks. My life sucks.
People agree: your life sucks.

Quite depressing for someone who just wants to know, to learn, the things that matter to him, not what a pen biting white collar mutant thought up for me.

I'm on a leash, just as the rest of this world. But nobody cares. NOBODY. Don't people want change? Is there no room for improvement?
We are not free. We have our minds boxed in and have deteriorated so much mentally that we don't notice the walls we hit. Our constrictions, our restrictions, we are all stuck.

Creativity now means exploring the boundaries of what is esteemed right and correct by people who have the power to tell us what to think and believe.

We are not free. Democracy in it's present form is nothing but a prison we built for ourself.



 defaced by the dhc (nemesystm)

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