This is a Herbless public information broadcast

Power to the people!

Support the petrol protestors!

Just a few facts:
    FACT: 72% of the price of petrol in the UK is tax
    FACT: Production cost of petrol in the UK is one of cheapest in Europe
    FACT: Retail price of petrol in the UK is the most expensive in Europe
Our government has now started to spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) propaganda through the media in the hope that they can dispel puplic support for the protest that is taking place all around Britain:
      Because of the protest medical petrol supplies have been depleted.
      Protestors have always let emergency supplies through the picket lines. It is incompetent crisis management that has led to a delay in organising the petrol supply to places where it is really needed.

      The protestors are violent and intimidating, threatening tanker drivers and obstructing traffic.
      The protestors are cordoned off by police and are kept behind barriers at the side of the road. They are cheering and clapping all tankers leaving petrol depots. Despite the fact that there are no blockades, tankers will not leave the distribution centres. This has led to wide-spread speculation that the policy not to deliver petrol is in fact being handed down from the petrol companies. This speculation has been reinforced by the fact that no petrol company executive staff are willing to be interviewed or give comment.

This web-page has been hacked as a public protest against government greed. I urge you to help the protest using any non-violent, non-abusive means possible. If you live near a picket-line, go and give your support. Applaud the lorry drivers. Make cups of tea and sandwiches for the picketers. Write to you MP pledging your support.

Don't just sit on your backside watching it happen on the TV.

We have a chance to make a difference NOW.

Remember the Poll Tax - don't let the protest get to that stage of desperation.

Peace all,

Greets: b1rdie(I'll pay you back that 50 quid one day!), Alys, Michelle, fux0r, Hacker.

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