Hey kiddies, t4ctician is back, w00t. Ok shut up. Damn brats.
I'm here to deliver an ereet message from ph3lon. Hes ereet.

   BELL HELL by ph3lon of HackWeiser:                         
   ahhh, the famous tele-conf, people love them but are not sure how to do them, in the
   early days of hackweiser i explained how to do this but i might of left out some
   important things. First, Materials:

   1. COCOT pay-phone:

   these are the easiest thing to find... some people say they cant, but about 75% of
   payfones are COCOT fones, what they are, are personalized pay-fones, owned by a
   company, achool,etc. if your in high school, the pay-fones at your school are COCOT
   ones, your school gets the money. gas stations,schools,etc. best place to find them.
   a way to find out for sure... is too look for the 'network telecommunications' box
   attached to it ( alittle box about 1foot x 1foot , ugly ass color brownish green,
   also used for beige boxing,tapping,etc. )

   2. name,number,address.

   ahhh, the most important peice of material... the most easiest way to do this is...
   get your fone book and rip out a page or two, bring a pen, and on the way to the
   COCOT circle some names, that u feel comfortable saying. its always good to have a
   name u might have to spell out for the op. makes it sound more real,etc.

   3. making things realistic....

   to do this you cant act like a robot, dont have things planned out to say either. you
   must play it cool, make noises,cough,hit the fone,apologize for things etc. its
   called SEing ( social engineering...) its the most important part. be very polite,
   have a realisitc voice please... and dont fuck up... its that easy.. i always end my
   calls by saying:

   ph3lon: alright is that it?

   op: yes sir, thats everything.

   op: you are aware of our #0 options, etc.
   ph3lon: yes i am... oh and what was your name again?
   op: anna
   ph3lon: thank you very much anna, you were alot of help.   
   op: thank you sir, and thank you for using at&t
   op: *click*
   ph3lon: from the people for the people ;)
   4. can of jolt! and yes this is needed ( uma exceptions for vodka/gin/etc. )
   ahhhhh wasnt that elite? SEing is common sence... just play it cool and all should be
   ok now how to do this from the start. you have selected the COCOT and have a print
   out of this... now pick up the fone and dial 1-800-232-1234 ( easy # to remem but
   wright down ) it should go like this:

   you: *dialing 1-800-232-1234*

   op: hello, at&t teleconfrencing , anna speaking, how may i help you?
   you: hi yes, i would like to set up a new folder please.
   op: ok 1 second please...
   you: ok
   op: am i speaking to the host?
   you: yes
   op: your name sir, please.
   you: jim jones
   op: ok mr.jones, may i have your home fone #?
   ( NOTE* this is the COCOT payfone number... not the address u picked... if the fone
   does not have the number listed, before u do all this call your local op by dialing
   0, tell them you need someone to call u back and its urgent at that fone, and that u
   need the # for it, or act like a bell employee and u need her to read back the #)
   you: yes i do, 1-707-707-7070
   op: ok one second, let me varify this number...
   you: ok
   ( NOTE* ok here is the mid point, and most important.... shes calling the security to
   check to see if the # is ok for billing... if she comes back and says she sorry but
   cant bill back, either hang up and start over, or if u have other #'s, tell her she
   should try your other home # and that knowone is home, try to convince her its ok to
   bill to it... this might get confusing if its your first time , so i would hang up...
   op: ok mr.jones everything looks good.
   op: may i have your address?

   (NOTE* here she is just filling out a profile one you, dun worrie )

   you: yes, 1234 east hwownzme st. , bumsville IDAHO, 35689 ( yes that is the ZIP code
   op: ok, thank you.
   op: ok your folder is made mr.jones, the folder ID is 456456890
   (NOTE* this will always be a 9 digit #, wright it down)
   you: ok thank you.
   op: did you want to start a confrence today?
   you: yes
   op: ok and the time
   you: today at 4pm EST
   op: ok, and how many participants ( pardun my shit spelling )
   you: 10 with the port exspantion please.
   (NOTE* trust me from a long time of doing this , if it gets over 10 ppl it sucks,
   everyone interupts each other,etc. the port expan is so if more then 10 ppl do come
   in it will let them in )
   op: ok, and for how long will this be.
   you: 3 hours please
   (NOTE* dont be retarted and start one for like 64 hours, be realisitc please )
   op: ok, i have a tele-conf set for monday sept. 10 at 4pm EST, 10 ppl with the port  
   you: thats correct.
   op: ok the dial in # is, 1-888-789-0000, the host pin is 455455 and the guest pin is
   (NOTE* the dial in # will always be 888, and it changes everyday, and some times
   everyother day.. the pins will always be 6 digits. the person who starts the conf   
   uses the host pin when they dial the 888# and it asks for the pin. the others use the
   guest pin, ask her if she can read back the #'s just to make sure u got the right #'s
   you: ok, is that it?
   op: yes it is sir.
   you: thank you. and what was your name again?
   op: phel0nownzme
   you: you were very much help phel0nownz me, have a good day.
   op: thank you for using at&t                                
   op: click*
   you: click*
   ( NOTE!!!!!!!!*********** the above will not always be what will happen , but that is
   the original way it happens, ima not responcible if joo get caught, NEVER EVER EVER
   from my house with the guest pin, but its ok)
   this was yet another production of the truth from hackweiser.
   this was written by phel0n,

   See wasn't that so fucking ereet!!!1!!

Shouts: The smelly guy in the bus shelter, fut0n, bighawk, phelon, Starman_jones
	doom, steele, p4ntera, modify, pimpshitz, the 100 people that will yell at 
	me for not giving them shouts, bl4f, rsh, the fbi laision officer who
	keep making me tell on everyone in hackweiser, That fat ass miguel,
	all of your mothers, attrition of they get this in time.

out -T4ctician

p.s: admin i had to rm -rf / this and 5 other servers you owned