C'mon, who didn't like Lego as a kid?

Me? I had tons of the stuff... I wonder what happened to it all? Ah well...

Ok, today I got side-tracked. I was playing with *sprintf() formatting bugs and, well, fancied a break. Hence this page....

So, what have I to say today? One word (or, more acurately, acronym) - MPAA. I say we replace our "democratic" leaders with the MPAA and have done with the matter. We could save millions in court fees and get laws passed passed much faster than at present. Just think, we could all live happily under the corporate machine, safe in the knowledge that we have no rights, purchases are merely extended leases and free speech is in fact on loan from lawyers who now want it back. From this moment forward, you can now pay for your hard-earned personal memories in convenient monthly installments.

I've copied the DeCSS source code to this server. Please download it and give it to your friends. If you deface a website, include it in the defacement somewhere. If you email a friend, attach a copy. If you run a website, put it up for download. Lets try and avoid a situation where mega-bucks corporations decide what we can and can't say; what we can and can't code; what we can and can't use.

You can download DeCSS.ZIP or decss.tar.gz. So what are you waiting for?

For more information, visit these websites:

2600 Hacker quarterly - defendants in the DeCSS source-code trial

The MPAA website - plaintiffs in the DeCSS source-code trial

The OpenDVD organisation - DVD technolgy information

LinuxVideo.org - An open source DVD player for the Linux operating system. Relies upon DeCSS.

Search Slashdot for articles about the MPAA case - lots of interesting viewpoints

Order your DeCSS t-shirt from Copyleft now! What a great idea :-)

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