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welp, what can ya say, yer site got tagged. it was bound to happen sooner or later right? but do not lose your buzz over it, nothing was harmed. no evil haxoring stuff or anything so a few stiff shots, maybe a lapdance, you'll get over it i'm sure. anyway i'm going to take a moment to punch out a little something on a rather ignored, but important subject. yes that's right, see today, we're going to talk about information security. to add to the suspense of the subject, more importantly your information security. as you probably know, everyday your name and the identity which you have been branded passes through many-a-machine a day. now unbenounced to most, your information is open to people all over the world wether you like it or not. you may read in the papers about how another local business was 'hacked' or something of sorts and tons of data was loss due to some prick with an ego. Well take the time to think for a moment. how many people do this sort of thing, leaving a big red flag letting them know of their need for system attention, then try to estimate those that run silently in the shadows. i'm speaking of the one's who are after sensitive data, the one's who do have a genuine maliscious intent. i for one am sick of seeing the false re-affirmation of e-standards. well the fact is, your standards, aren't exactly going to be the same as the persons using the software. it's not always the administrators faults, yet conglomor4ts whom know nothing of anything anyway are willing to fire whoever is easiest to lame blame and divert the heat from themselves. as has been proved several times over, we have alot of work to do in order to get things the way they should, and rfc should be made again, even though i'm sure several made in the past, that better standards are in need. but in order to get this message across, simple words will not do. so consider yourself a part of the conglomor4t marketing control group, and you just voted a big yay0r for some consideration in you. not to mention that, but you get to help spit some skizmflop with links to www.williamcooper.com & www.echelonwatch.org. anyway that about does it from me, but oh ya eh, me and broda jeoh are throwin together a pretty humdinger of an article on some cable modem combat here before to long so watch for it, (i would especially suggest this to cox systems people ;o) oh well i crave sustenance & sleep.. but in the words of fred durst of limp bizkit, 'just think about it, you'll get it...'


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greetings and salutations to: fux0r, jeoh, wyre, botk, orbit43, soulkeeper, herbless, dem(where da hell yew at?), p.t.b., gforce, & everyone else nifty... *eh any kk mods that might read this, i'm locked out let me back in plz... ;oD

fuckzyouz to: no one really i spose, sept i'm getting kinda tired how gforce is still blatently ignored. i feel you fella's. oh and the whole taggin alliance thingy, i dig it, bout time we saw some initiative round 'ere. A much better site than all that cheap-ass doc droppin that seemed to be spreading, and eh, all you cheapshottin the nt defacers, let'm do their thang, i mean hell whats hurt? it makes the m$ look bad, so it makes me laugh, i mean i got the penguin tattoo'd on my ass in full glory baby, that's hardc0re, where's yours? uh huh...

admin: nothing harmed in anyway, just bringing your attention to a flaw which allowed me to deface your website, might as well have been me, because i dont hurt anything. no grudges held, no feelings hurt, all is well. anyway have a nice day...
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