SRINAGAR, Sept 8: A three-year-old Muslim boy was among six killed in violence in occupied Kashmir on Friday, police said.

Police said a suspected Kashmiri freedom fighter barged into a house at a village about 90 kilometers north of Srinagar and opened fire, killing a man and his three-year-old grandson. "Wasim was sitting with his grandfather when masked gunmen forced their entry into the house and opened fire," a police spokesman said in Srinagar. Police said the same men re-appeared in the village two hours later and shot dead another civilian, Mohammad Yaqoob Khan.

Security forces later sealed the village and started house-to-house search, a police spokesman said. He said freedom fighters shot dead Nazir Ahmed, the brother of an official in Kashmir's ruling National Conference party in Srinagar. There were no claims of responsibility from any freedom fighters groups.

Two Mujahideen were shot dead by security forces in separate encounters in the Baramulla and Rajouri districts of occupied Kashmir, the police spokesman said. Meanwhile, gunmen shot two women in the legs in a beauty parlor in Srinagar on Friday, a day after a Mujahideen group reportedly issued a diktat forcing Islamic dress codes on women.

The two gunmen, who raided the privately-owned Shehnaz Beauty Parlor in Srinagar's Gunikhan district, also shot Mohammad Mohsin Sulemani, a male worker, officials from a local police station said.

The attack came a day after the Press Trust of India said the Lashker-i-Toiba had threatened to shoot Muslim women in the legs if they refused to conform to Islamic dress codes, including the wearing of veils.-AFP

Is, this what we call human rights? killing a three year old boy? Imagine if that boy was related to you? Would you take this nonsense bullshit from the Indians? STOP it Indians and US stop the cold shoulder on the issue, UN move your fat asses and work on the issue damnit%$#@!

I think we have given a lot of info, but many people wanted us to post up links so that people could know more about the struggle, here are the links wahere you can gain the utmost infomation about the struggle!

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