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The Government Strike
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To Metallica:

Filing a law suit against Napster has probably made you lose your image, fans, and sales. All because you either wanted more money(not like you had enough to begin with, right!?) or because you wanted publicity. Well you got your publicity. If you haven't realized you have also caused a chain reaction of other problems. Software developers looking for the same fame Napster got(which probably wasn't intended) -- but now everyone is devising plans to make themselves popular like Napster did, if they shut down. In turn making your so called "problems" even worse. If you wanted it this way, you got it.

P.S. To tell you the truth, I really wasn't a Napster user and I'm still not. So before you go on a spree to defend yourselves with "napster users are hackers! shut 'em down!" -- think again. I'm speaking out. I just saw something wrong, and I'm doing what I can to help right it.

To The Government:

Awww..come on...why did you have to go and take sides with the RIAA. Now look what you did.
Is the military really this insecure?

To the System Admins of this Server:
Server has not been harmed in any way. If you would like to know how to patch the vulnerability then mail me at:

Anyone else with questions on how you can help Napster, e-mail me at

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If you come across a website that isn't still defaced try: /hacked.html
If /hacked.html isn't there, try /i.txt | | | | | | | | | | |

One last note:
Music is art, an extension of ourselves. Major label record companies do not sell art, they sell 50 cents of plastic at $15 because they see music as an industry they can control. Maybe 5% of your $15 will end up going to the artist. The artists (Metallica, Dre) that complain about napster obviously care a great deal about the money involved with their art, rather than the art itself. Perhaps because they are also producers, in the business of selling 50 cents of plastic at $15? Maybe.

The RIAA is a joke. the RIAA does not represent your favorite music artists. They represent rich record executives. These are the fat cats who make profit from the other 95% of cd sales. These people are so filthy rich, the only thing they know how to do is squabble over how rich they are and how they don't want anything to happen to their wealth and power. There's more to life than money fellas. Also may I say I applaud the lawsuit bought by 26 states against the big 5 music labels for cd price fixing and violating anti-trust laws. This is a great positive step towards decentralization of power in these companies.

"This I say to you, what I say is true: emotions aren't a product to sell and cannot be consumed." (-Jesse Michaels)

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