Root Shell Hackers
This site was owned by Scurvy. Scurvy is a little bitch. Scurvy wants to be in RSH, but he's not cool enough. Scurvy sucks. Scurvy is lonely. Scurvy doesn't like admin, because they suck even worse than Scurvy. Scurvy has scurvy which isn't cool. Scurvy was here and Scurvy was there. You now have Scurvy. You can brag to all of your friends that you have Scurvy, and Scurvy ownz you! Scurvy wants to greet the following: Datagram, Piffy, Vortex, rootx11, rakaen, B3RN, the cool admin that made this possible, everyone in RSH, Ashley, and whoever I forgot to mention.

Scurvy wants to say fuck to all the NT hackers, and NT hacking groups, it takes a real bitch to hack Winblowz (but I can't do it so what the fuck?), all the cool people, because I'm a dork, Amy (she's stupid), and whoever else deserves a fuck.

RSH Groupie!

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