Well, I know I've been gone a while. Just been a bit busy lately, and needed to get back on track. Same old same old...screw the
MPAA and stuff. Thats what i dont like anymore. Its the same shit. I want to expand, and I have a good idea on how to do this. Recently, i've seen some talk of a teamup between bl4f and hackweiser on this "world domination" thing. I feel I could expand my message more if I had an alliance with these two groups...and anyone else for that matter. So drop me an email if you want to talk about World Domination...i'm sure it
could be a big hit. I don't think the war between defacers should go on. I think an alliance should be formed. But uhm...co.kr is lame, so stop doing those.
Shoutz: hackweiser, bl4f, ph3lon, herbless. Skream 9, www.pranknet.org (its pretty funny tune in every week day at 9:00 P.M. eastern at r00tabega.org:8000), fuqrag.