Un, and US intervene in the Kashmir struggle, I think we have bored enough people with writing tons of pages and shamlessly cutting/pasting lots of text, we will work on providing more links and emails of the united nations,. We want the UN to intervene, if you didn't know what kashmir is, kashmir is a disputed territory innocent people are killed daily, women raped, children killed/made orphan.sorry to the admin please secure those boxes. I have got some emails saying we are racist, well we are NOT racist we are just angry, please check the previous work to see a cetailed account, also check the below porton thanks.

I think we have given a lot of info, but many people wanted us to post up links so that people could know more about the struggle, here are the links wahere you can gain the utmost infomation about the struggle!


Learn More about Kashmir by viewing the Pakistan's Government Website click here

Want to know the details on rape, torture, massacres, killings? Click here

Indian's dirty hand on the plane hijacking, read here

To view a detailed account of raped women and pictures, click here

To view a detailed account of the killings in kashmir by Indians click here

Toture? Want details? Click here

Want to read articles text, pictures and more info on Kashmir? Click here


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