Reasons for Defacement

The Kashmir issue, the most controversial issue in the history of humanity. Everyday, the Indians Slaughter countless mujahideen, rape, torture and execute innocent women and children. What for? What gives the bloody Indians the right to violate human rights in such a manner? The Indians have violated all norms of acceptable wartime conflict and have not been reprimanded for their actions. There have been repeated attempts to advocate free elections to let hte people choose their destiny but the Indians have suppressed all these with hostile intervention and the murder of innocent civilians. Why must we bear such atrocities? All over the world, the Muslims have been targeted and systematically eliminated. Kashmir, Palestine, Bosnia... what gives \anyone the right to try and eradicate a people different from themselves? And what has the US done to prevent this? Nothing. The US has always seen itself as the moderating power of the world but it has supported Israel in its cause and has remained silent on the Kashmir Issue for Too long. A Must we remind everyone that almost al l the people in the world is owned by the Muslims? Is that why the US kisses Saudia Arabia's ass while committing such injustices deep inside? And they call Pakistan a corrupt country? Just how fucking corrupt can you get when the President of hte most powerful nation in the world gets a blowjob from an intern working in his office??? We have suffered throughout the ages and will suffer no more. This is the era of cyberwarfare, where once again the Muslims have prevailed. We will not rest till every node, every line, every bit of information contained in our suppressors has not been wiped out, returning them to the dark ages. Well will not tolerate anymore, and we will not fail. As I type this from the confront of my home... far away in a valley the blood of innocents paints the mountains red....

For the vast majority of time since 1947, the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir pursued non-violent methods to get the referendum held. The Kashmiri people are now fighting to implement what has been promised to them. They want to come out of the physiological limbo of not knowing if they are Indian, Pakistani or Kashmir. They want the matter sorted once and for all.

It is high time to sort this issue out for the following reasons:

Over 50,000 Kashmiri's have been killed since 1990.

Over 1,000 Indian army people have been killed since 1990.

Its time India lived up to its promises.

The whole of South Asia is unstable due to this problem, especially now that both India and Pakistan are nuclear powers. Two great nations namely Pakistan and India have to spend enormous amount of money on their armed forces because of this problem. When India and Pakistan takes 5 steps forward the Kashmir issue takes them back 6 steps. There has never been a better time to sort this problem. The cold war has ended, we are at the dawn of the 21st century and the potential consequences of not sorting it out are two high to contemplate. Neither Pakistan, India nor Kashmir will win in the war, especially if it goes nuclear.

As much as We would like to talk about Pakistan's right to having Kashmir as it's province We won't. We are beyond that now. We don't really care who gets Kashmir; All we want is to stop the violence in Kashmir. Innocent people are killed daily by Indian soldiers simply because of what these people they believe in. The Kashmir's support Pakistan despite the option of independence, yet the international community (as a whole) does not do  anything about it, and pretends it's not happening. (If you don't believe us, then go do a UN supervised survey, 80% of the people in Kashmir will vote for Pakistan, the other 20% are Indian soldiers). Let us assure you, people are dying in Kashmir as you read this. They have been dying for the last 50 years and no one has done anything about it. India claims it's Pakistani troops that it is so efficiently killing. oh really? That's news to me. Since when did women and children and  handicapped people join the Pakistan army? Since when did the rape of innocent women and children become an "effective method of stopping terrorists"? We are sick of this. We want the Indians to back off. I'll be damned if they do, but nonetheless, we want you people to know exactly what's going on and HAS been going on in Kashmir for the last 50 years. While you people sit in your comfortable homes/offices with computer, electricity, food, water, and most important of all; freedom,  eighteen people are brutally murdered in Kashmir by Indian soldiers DAILY, and that's a highly rough estimate as another three hundred or so people go 'missing' every day. And for what? Simply because they want to believe in whatever they want. They want to be able to live without fear of being killed, without worrying about   where to get their next meal, and where to run when the Indian soldiers come. What are we getting throgh this? Is this what 21st century is? Killing? Rape? Totutre? by those Indian bastards openly? UN it's about time for them to intervence, this fight has been going on for 50+ years.

Our Demands?

UN work on the issue damnit!@% US try to interene in the stuggle and don't close your eyes on what's going on.

I think we have given a lot of info, but many people wanted us to post up links so that people could know more about the struggle, here are the links wahere you can gain the utmost infomation about the struggle!

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