There can never be peace when might usurps the rights of the right. There can never be peace when men malign one another and distort the truth to win over the desired goals. There can never be peace when men in authority enslave and imprison those who oppose or disagree with them. There can never be peace when nations take undue advantage of being strong against weak. In fact all these actions pose serious threat to humanity and peace. If peace has to prevail then the victors, the powerful and the mighty must learn to be magnanimous, merciful and benign.

India claims to be secular. It is also called second largest democracy in the world This secular state and second largest democracy has always distorted the truth to mislead the world opinion and malign the freedom movement of Kashmir. To extend its occupation, it has deployed an unprecedented number of occupation forces in Kashmir numbering more than seven hundred thousand This highest concentration of troops against a meager population is just to choke the voice of people who demand their right to decide their own fate. Trampling underfoot all norms of civilized conduct, India has let loosed reign of terror in Kashmir, bringing untold miseries to helpless Kashmiris.

To mislead the world opinion on Kashmir, Indian authorities have propagated certain views to confuse the international community and to camouflage the reality. Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry, Prime Minister of the State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir has analyzed the current situation. In the following pages, his arguments effectively counter the Indian propaganda. The vivid picture that emerges should enable the international Community to see through the Indian game.

The reader is the best judge.

I think we have given a lot of info, but many people wanted us to post up links so that people could know more about the struggle, here are the links wahere you can gain the utmost infomation about the struggle!

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