GForce Pakistan

there have been a few misconceptions about GForce Pakistan , we'd like to clear them out in this and in a few more of our future defaces.

1) we don't hack for fame.
2) we don't use canned stuff.
3) we are not racists.
4) we don't hate india and indians , we just hate what they are doing in kashmir.
5)  we don't hate UN & America , we just hate their cold shoulder towards this major problem.
6) we don't hack for fun.
7) we hack for a cause (cause is to create more global awareness on kashmir issue)
8) we do not really harm the computers we break in, we leave old.html and no trojans behind us.
9) our mission is to deliver , to convey the message of kashmiri muslim brothers to the whole world.
10) last but not least , we have only 6 members, their handles are given at the end and who ever except for these members claims to be a part of GForce Pakistan is nothing but a wannabe.

Question : what is it all about kashmir ?

Answer : In a nutshell this question can be answered that in 1947 when british left this sub-continent they divided it into two nations , one Pakistan and the other one is India , and at that time indivisual rulers of different states were given a choice to either become a part of india or of Pakistan.

At that time the ruler of Kashmir state gave his vote for india and decided to become a part of india (which at that time and still is a hindu state not a secular state at all) , but the majority in kashmir was of muslims and they din't wanted to become a part of a hindu state at all.

If you think that legally it is quite suitable for kashmir to be a part of india then the same situation arised in state of junagarh aswell where the ruler voted for his state to be a part of Pakistan but since majority in that state was of hindus , india took over the place and nobody reacted to their move because the majority was of indians.

That's what kashmir is all about --

why dont they do the same thing with kashmir ? why dont they again do what majority wants and not the typical ruler?

Besides hell with the kashmir becoming a part of Pakistan , just free them , let them go , you cannot hold on to anything for longer , Russia was super power when it tried to take over afghanistan but the rebels got russia crushed and burned and everyone know what russia is today.

kashmir kashmir kashmir it's getting on everyone's nerves , its creating problems , several ppl are murdered over there , several women are executed over there , some blame it on indians some blame it on rebels , some blame it on Pakistan , why dont you just leave them alone and free them for a change ? huh ?

It's era of economic strength and technology , ppl get media attention easily these days so nobody can hold anyone back for longer period ..what we think that india should talk this matter out peacefully and leave kashmir on their own just like bangladesh .. let them choose what they want ..thats what this is all about. and in that way both countries india and PAKISTAN can spend their money more on the ppl and not more for defence and military machinery. And both nations can show the power and talent of this sub-continent to the whole world. 

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