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    Posted by godbless on Thursday, August 24th @ 08:12
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      Yes, chevy the h4x0r hacked you.
    -chevy for questions.

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    New Voodoo 5 Drivers
    Posted by thrust66 on Tuesday, August 22nd @ 08:43
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      X Window kirk writes "New release from for Voodoo 5 Linux Drivers, now based on the updated XFree86 4.0.1. Still no SLI or AA but hopefully its coming soon. Get your copy today!"

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    Mahogany Email Program
    Posted by thrust66 on Monday, August 21st @ 07:26
    (readed: 2 times - hits: 0)
      New News kirk writes "Mahogany is an OpenSource(TM) cross-platform mail and news client. It is available for X11/Unix and MS Windows platforms, supporting a wide range of protocols and standards, including POP3, IMAP and full MIME support."

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    Ncftp 2.6.2 Server
    Posted by thrust66 on Monday, August 21st @ 07:25
    (readed: 0 times - hits: 0)
      Unix kirk writes "Version 2.6.2 of the NcFTPd Server is now available.
    Security: Bug fixed where restricted users could access directory paths that were prefixed by the entire pathname of the home directory and if user's UID/GID privileges allowed it. For example, a user bill with home directory /home/users/bill may have been able to access the directory /home/users/billybob if bill's privileges allowed it. "

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    Apache 2.0 Alpha
    Posted by thrust66 on Tuesday, August 15th @ 06:27
    (readed: 0 times - hits: 0)
      Apache Anonymous writes "Apache 2.0 Alpha is available for testing. What new features do they have in store for us this time. This is a major version number jump so it should be interesting."

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    Portsentry Rocks
    Posted by thrust66 on Sunday, August 13th @ 16:05
    (readed: 3 times - hits: 0)
      Linux jd writes "DENIED!!! portsentry stomps on those that try to access your system and drops them into a black hole! Hackers go home!"

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    Netscape 6 PreRelease 2
    Posted by thrust66 on Sunday, August 13th @ 08:39
    (readed: 5 times - hits: 0)
      Netscape Kirk writes "Netscape has just released the long-awaited preview of the new Communicator browser suite. The company dropped the name Communicator from the suite; now the entire suite is simply called Netscape. But the real surprise is that the company decided to skip the next point upgrade for the Communicator 4.x browser and email clients and head straight to version 6.

    Now comes with new designer skins, called Themes, to customize Netscape's look and feel. "

    ( Read More... | 587 bytes more | 1 comment )
    Yahoo Messanger For Unix
    Posted by thrust66 on Sunday, August 13th @ 08:06
    (readed: 5 times - hits: 2)
      X Window Kirk writes "Yahoo has released their Messenger software for Linux and BSD 2,3,4 Very cool for those who like to chat and are having problems with the AOL version. "

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    Kernel 2.4.0-Test6 is out!
    Posted by thrust66 on Friday, August 11th @ 14:04
    (readed: 0 times - hits: 0)
      Linux kirk writes "The latest 2.4 series kernel is out. Looks like we may be getting close to an offical release. See to download your copy."

    ( comments? )
    FreeBSD 4.1
    Posted by thrust66 on Wednesday, August 9th @ 10:34
    (readed: 3 times - hits: 0)
      FreeBSD kirk writes "FreeBSD just released version 4.1. There has been many bug fixes, and hopefully the reboot problem of 4.0. Check back soon for an update on this."

    ( Read More... | 1 comment )
    Is chevy a 31337 h4x0r?
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