an old message from 'the mach1ne'
The hypocracy stops here The United States government seems to think they control the world.

And while I am a vigilant supporter of their good deeds and attemps at peace

I draw the line when they try to take our freedom. You see... This is my world and my life. This is the internet, a true democracy in itself. a spread network of tightly bound factions. It is my inspiration, and it is my motivation. I believe I speak for most 'hackers' when I say the following:

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH The world seems to be experiencing an unparalleled unity through this network hackers are the pionners of this place, we are the only ones with the intelligence, the motivation, and the skill to head up this complex world. You need us, yet you try to destroy us. You hate us, why? you persecute us, why? Are you afraid of what you dont understand and too dumb to learn? You wonder why you are under attack? The bee lets you have its honey, but strike its hive and what do you get?

You are 0wned and we shall stop at nothing for our


isnt it true? the NSA and FBI aren't GOOD enough to track us hackers down, so they have to cheat. of course there isn't really cheating in war now is there? nah. and this is a war. fbi, nsa, vs hackers. fbi is a joke, they can't catch hackers.. not even little rds kiddies (/msadcs.dll jackass's). its time for us to spy on you. government and military sites will be owned. data will be stolen, holes will not be patched =]. bye.