Admin your shit is backed up, THE HOLE ISN'T PATCHED
because im a lazy cunt and couldnt be arsed downloading the path
to your boxen cause it's slow as fuck m0funkle

j00 h4v3 b33n 0wn3d by 4n 3v1l h4x0r!!!h0h0h0h0h0
n4 ju57 k1dd1n6 3y3 41n7 3v1l, 1m c4th0l1c :)

awww that golf course ain't got no lub :((
Today is seksi's birthday, he is nineteen!!! mad lubbage seksi!!!
Next year seksi and i are going to defcon to pick up scene wh0res.
Im bringing over da 0h day keg, my own brew of beer that hasn't been
released. j00 all fear mah 0h day beer making skillz bish.
We are gona get the scene wh0res drunk, and fux0r them for da 0h day
mountd exploits!! seksi: gib me 0h day =]
Seksi's email address is so email him all your reet
0h days cause it's his birthday!! If you don't imma hax0r j00r kness
wif mah axe. =DDDDD

Shouts: Mad shouts to my lubber SEKSI!!!!!!, and to all the scene wh0res who fuck for 0h day :), #blacksun on efnet owns you m0fukas!.