WiN B0XeN (not really)
Kernel 6-6-6.2k on an i666
login: sabu
[sabu@wh0re /]$ su r00t
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|defaced by Sabu / hackweiser |

[root@wh0re /]# cat motd

Wow, yes, been a long time since you've seen me, i guess sitting back fingering my anus got too boring.  Have a few things on my mind i wish to discuss.

#1. Since my last defacements, so far the U.S Navy has been nicer to Puerto Rico, instead of live ammunition, they are limited to minimal training with dummy bombs, good.

#2. Silly russians, all we wanted to do is help you, now look at you, with no pride and 118 dead men >:(

#3. Unfortunatly or even fortutnatly(whatever you want), p4ntera pretty much hasen't been defacing alot, i find that was a good idea.  Oh yeah, i would like to welcome "ch3wb4k4" to hackweiser, hes such a sexy hax0r.

#4. My nuts are shrinking.

#5. I need to get laid.

#6. "di0aD", hes such a cock smuggler, the guy basicly sucks dick for a living.  Hes not shit, and well, i am not shit neither but atleast i fucking admit it.  All the guy can do is sit on his fat ass and ping -fs 5000 [random person] he can find, basicly, everyone at hackweiser, everyone who knows me are ok with what i am about to say.  di0aD has been promoted from a gay msadc kid to my new personal ass whiping bitch.  Yes, it's true.

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[root@wh0re /]# exit
[root@wh0re /]$ exit

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