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ADMIN: sorry i defaced your pretty .mil box, im just trying to get a point across about this carnivore shit. it is not right. it's sad that your box has 450+ users on it and yet it has such shitty security. :(

The FBI has created an email sniffing system called carnivore. Carnivore permits access to the e-mail of every customer of an ISP and the e-mail of every person who communicates with them, this includes web based e-mail systems also, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. They have gone too far with technological invasions of communications systems. This is a plain case of Internet spying. The FBI insisted that the Carnivore system is an important weapon in the war against Internet and other forms of crime but members of Congress expressed fears that it could be used to invade the privacy of innocent Internet users. That's right, those e-mails to grandma can be monitored. Were losing our privacy more and more, we must take a stand before we loose all of our privacy. Constitutional rights don't end where cyberspace begins. We need preserve our Fourth Amendment rights. We're basically left with the FBI attaching a listening advice to an Internet Service Provider, and simply having their assurances that they'll look at only those things that a court tells them they can look at. They are able to look at everything that's going through that Internet Service Provider, and we don't know what they're looking at, and what they're not, we have no way of monitoring it.


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