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Rapes & Molestations in (Held) Kashmir

Part 1

Today, India celebrates it's 53rd Independence day, while the people of Kashmir fight for their freedom and in the process, get either brutally murdered, terrorised or relentlessly sodomized by the Indian Militants. The following is a complete report of an incident that occured on the 13th of April, 2000.


Father tied with ropes and daughter gang-raped.


Name, Addr. and parentage of the victim:

................................................Maryam W/o Muhammad Yousuf S/o Talib Hussain R/o Village Kesso Doda.

Victimizing Agency: 26 Rashtriya Rifles

Date of Victimization: April 13, 2000.

Report: On the 13th of April, 2000, the 26 Rashtriya Rifles cordoned off the village Kesso and ordered the people to remain indoors. Eight soldiers bandaged into the house of the victim, Maryam, where the only member present was her aged father-in-law, Talib Hussain. The soldiers tied the old-man with ropes and caught hold of his daughter-in-law, and gang-raped her right in front of him. During the barbarous act the victim lost consciousness. The lady was spotted in an unconscious state by a villager, namely Muhammad Ismail. When the news of the gang rape reached the Doda people, they came out on the roads protesting against the heinous act. Meanwhile, the security forces arrested three women protesters of the village Kesso when they were heading towards Doda as participants in the procession.


If you idiots still need more proof of the attrocities committed by the Indian Militants in Kashmir, read the next issue..

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