rooted by datagram for the rsh
August 14, 2000

note to admin:no files were deleted, old index backed up as index.rsh.bak, vulnerable service was turned off.

Korea is very insecure, making it fun to hack. These korean hacks are just to prove how low korea's security really is.

greets: hackweiser, Esperanto Hackers, piffy, doom, puck, dobe, anarcho, f0netik, mystik, quix, bios, Akurei, t0xin, hackronym, sniper, matic, bi0cide, corpse, kreator, wicked, vortex, rootx11, traze, gat0r, never, scurvy, acrylic, tekniq, Vache, xghost, sorphis, Nuero, Lag, B3RN, people i forgot to list.(list is in no specific order)

fucks: all the NT defacers