y0 th1s 1s the h4x0r r4pp3r
represent y0 for the whytookay

freestyle y'all

w0n t00 thr33 f0/
wh0 is th4t bang1n 0n my d00r??/

y0 m0m g0 aw4y 1 0wn th3 ph0ne/
y0 can h4ve 1t l4t3r s0 le4ve m3 al0ne/

1m try1n t0 n3ts3x d1s 13-F-Montreal/
s0 1 c4n keep 1t r34l f0 all 0f y'4ll/

th1s slut r3aly w4nts m3 y0 1 c4n tell/
by th3 w4y sh3 sh0ut5 "FUCK OFF YOU PERV GOTO HELL!!"/

sh3 ph3ars my hax0r sk1lls y0/
s0 1m d3fac1n th1s page y0 ju5t t0 l3t her kn0w!!!/

peace out, keep it real, i love y'all for real

the hax0r rapp0r.